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Swarovski Crystal Beads
   #5000 Faceted Rounds
   #5020 Helix
   #5040 Faceted Rondels
   #5200 Faceted Melons
   #5203 Polygon / Baroque
   #5301 / #5328 Faceted Bicones
   #5305 Faceted Saucers
   #5309/1 Cosmo Jet
   #5310 Simplicity
   #5400 Teardrops
   #5600 Diagonal Cubes
   #5601 Faceted Cubes
   #5744 Flowers
   #5754 Butterflies
   #6100 Teardrop Pendants
   #6744 Flower Pendants
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Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski Austrian Crystal Beads

Austrian Crystal Beads from Swarovski are unmatched for their beauty and quality. Austrian Crystal is the industry standard and Swarovski is the leading manufacturer and distributor of Austrian Crystal. We offer a large selection of authentic Swarovski Crystal Beads. Click on the links below to browse our selection of Crystal Beads and Pendants. Click here to learn more about the History of Swarovski Austrian Crystal Beads.

Please Note: All sizes are in millimeters. Images are not actual size. Please refer to a caliper for a better idea of actual size. Click on the images below for more detail.

Swarovski #5000 Faceted Rounds - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5000 Faceted Rounds
Swarovski #5020 Helix - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5020 Helix
Swarovski #5040 Faceted Rondels
Swarovski #5040 Faceted Rondels
Swarovski #5200 Faceted Melons - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5200 Faceted Melons
Swarovski #5203 Polygon - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5203 Polygon
Swarovski #5301 Faceted Bicones - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5301/#5328 Faceted Bicones
Swarovski #5305 Faceted Saucers - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5305 Faceted Saucers
Swarovski #5309/1 Cosmo Jet - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5309/1 Cosmo Jet
Swarovski #5310 Simplicity - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5310 Simplicity
Swarovski #5400 Teardrops - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5400 Teardrops
Swarovski #5600 Diagonal Cubes - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5600 Diagonal Cubes
Swarovski #5601 Faceted Cubes - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5601 Faceted Cubes
Swarovski #5744 Flowers - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5744 Flowers
Swarovski #5754 Butterflies - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #5754 Butterflies
Swarovski #6100 Teardrop Pendants - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #6100 Teardrop Pendants
Swarovski #6744 Flower Pendants - Austrian Crystal
Swarovski #6744 Flower Pendants